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[Jan. 17th, 2008|06:35 am]
Anarchist metalheads


does anyone know Dimmu Borgirs politics? i've never been able to find a deffinate statement definite way and my friends and I go back and forth on if they have nazi sympathies or not. so, any idea?

(btw sorry if this is off topic, delete it if so)

[User Picture]From: hexestarr
2008-01-17 08:50 pm (UTC)
Seems they are more interested in being capitalists than nationalists these days with those gawd awful shoe ads. ;)
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[User Picture]From: albanachdemon
2008-01-18 04:51 am (UTC)
The truth about a lot of black metal bands is that if you scratch hard enough you probably will not like what you discover. When I first listened to bm bands a few years ago I began with the classics-Emperor, Mayhem, Darkthrone, etc...and I tried to make certain that I never listened to any explicitly nsbm, combing interviews, tracking websites, intense discussions with more apolitical friends.
Over the years though as my politics progressed and music taste refined I realized a few things
1. A lot of black metal esp is more interested in posturing and grandstanding than in any serious political agenda. In fact, one reason I respect a lot of bm is that the artists are EXPLICITLY apolitical.
2.I would find out that bands I was a fan of had dubious extremist right-wing sympathies but so long as I did not financially support right-wing/nazi/etc artists and ideas then it made little difference if I listened to it. If your political affiliation is that weak then the problem is yourself, not the music you listen to.
3. I stay away from explicitly NSBM bands and artists and actually go out of my way to let people know when an artist makes questionable statements.
For instance, recently I read an interview where american Malefic, better known in bm circles as Xasthur said "The NSBM scene wants nothing to do with Xasthur? I really wasn't aware if it was or not. I'll put it this way, being where I'm from and noticing that the 'minorities' are really the majority, I certainly don't take any offense to NSBM, yet I don't feel the need to wave the NSBM banner."
This statement proves that although the dude has some learning to do, there is nothing in the lyrics about "Aryan brotherhood" or other bullshit along those lines.

To answer your original question, DB to my knowledge are not nazi's but have made statements identifying as nationalists. I also can't take satanic bands that seriously because it still identifies that they acknowledge a christian reality.
Really though, it shouldn't be that important because they only put out two good albums in their entire career. Everything after Stormblast is weaksauce imo.
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[User Picture]From: st_reinnovate
2008-01-18 05:46 am (UTC)
strangely enough I I.D. with all of the first part (save for that part of begining with the classics, I started with symphonic bm.)

I was just infering from a few lyrics (the use of the word breed, of ancient race etc.) and an interview with Silenoz where he stated that they were adopting a tune more in-line with polish and prussian folk music (apparently the angst is just their thing). seems slightly nationalist.

Satanic/Left hand path world view does not imply a christian world view given that most theistic satanists view satan as an archetypal dark/advancing force of nature, reminisent of darker pagan deities.

thanks for the reply!
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[User Picture]From: albanachdemon
2008-01-22 08:42 am (UTC)


I was referring more to the name that Anton LaVey gave to his religion. I know he is not the first to practice it, but I still have to wonder why they would choose a name so closely tied to Xtian ideas of redemption and sin, good and evil. My prejudice for stems from my distaste for the associations.

As to the nationalist bent of a lot of bm, I abhor nationalism for the most prat but I do not think that just because a band chooses to use native music in their sound that they are nationalists. Lots of punk bands from different countries celebrate their culture through traditional or folk instruments, I view this the same way. The difference would be if people said "The only good folk music is (country of origin)'s folk music!" then that becomes problematic.

On that note, the project Windir is really awesome viking-inspired black metal based on legends of their
home town of Sogna.

My current favorite pagan/folk black metal band Primordial has always used traditional Irish instruments on their records and it always manages to add a lot to the sound.

Or hell, if you don't like BM the band Resistant Culture uses traditional native american instruments married to grindcore/death metal music and it fucking owns.

I might make this a general post.
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